Clear pricing

We have a straightforward pricing structure for the apartments we offer.

We have a straightforward pricing structure for the apartments we offer.
If you choose a lease that’s longer than one year, we will agree any rent increases and fix them before you sign your lease so you know from the outset when your outgoings will change.

No agent fees

We own as well as manage Tipi, which means there are no agent fees to pay. We don’t charge you for carrying out an inventory or any other administrative tasks.

We’re completely transparent about the things included in your rent, but we also have lifestyle extras which you may wish to add to your contract.

Reduced deposit

We have also gone one step further; Tipi apartments require a lower than average deposit.

Rather than asking for six weeks deposit based on your rental price, quite simply we have fixed our deposits for the size of apartment you select.
With less for you to pay up front, moving home is more affordable and straightforward to arrange.

All utility bills are included

We want to create more time in your life and make your move hassle free.

We believe things like setting up utility bills and installing broadband are jobs you don’t need when you could be spending time making your apartment feel like home. So we include heating, hot water, cold water, electricity and 40 Mb/s broadband in the headline rent you see displayed on our property listings.

No end of
tenancy cleaning

When you move away or upgrade to another Tipi apartment the last thing you need is the cost and headache of organising cleaning for the one you’re leaving.

Instead we will use our professional cleaning service to refresh the apartment to the standard we need, without any cost to you. It also means you can be reassured that all Tipi apartments will be fresh as a daisy from day one.