We are Tipi. The new way to rent in London designed with an easy life in mind.

Why are we different? We own all our buildings, we designed and built them with you in mind. We manage and look after every single apartment but most importantly we look after you. And that means we’re your landlord, but one you can actually rely on to be there or answer the phone. So adios uncaring agents with your unfair fees, au revoir lazy landlords who abandon you when you need them most.

And why are we called Tipi I hear you ask?

Well that’s easy too. A Tipi is a flexible, personalised home used by the Native Americans to support their lifestyle. A Tipi meant you were not tied down (no pun intended), it meant flexibility and freedom in life. No wonder then it was a place they were proud to call home. We think renting is a bit similar. It should work for you, not against you, be flexible to the lifestyle you choose. It should allow you feel part of a community but mostly be as easy and as hassle-free as possible.