Jennie heads up the Tipi resident team that helps people find their ideal home at Wembley Park.

She’s been with Tipi since we started and drew on all her property experience to help us rewrite the renting rule book and customer experience. She will say we’re not quite there yet and she’s right because we’re always looking to improve.

I love London and I am a Wembley Park resident! I love London for the diversity of people and opportunity, you are never bored here. Wembley Park really suits my lifestyle, because I can get into London quickly (I LOVE the Met line) and also means I can drive out of town to my family and friends in Warwickshire easy. Win, win!

Jennie is “Ms Positive” and is really into her health and fitness. She loves deadlifting in the gym and the occasional bike ride along the canal, but to balance out all that clean living, Jennie enjoys a good social with her pals around London town. And if that means a rooftop bar and an espresso martini well then that suits her fine.