Michael swapped New York for London last year to join Tipi. He has over 10 years’ experience in Build to Rent (or ‘Multifamily’ as they say over the pond) and leads the whole Tipi team with Rajesh. His goal is to show London renters what they’re missing out on – beautiful apartment homes designed and built for rent with a customer experience to match – or what we call ‘red carpet renting’. Hassle-free renting designed with an easy life in mind.

Now some might say Michael’s dress sense is unusual, we just call it quirky. And when he arrives at Tipi HQ dressed as a wizard or claims it as ‘Cowboy Wednesday’ we just help him style it out!

London is a global, cosmopolitan city with just about the best of everything. It is rich in history and diversity, but totally accessible in nearly every way. Wembley Park is a London neighbourhood particularly welcoming to pedestrians, with its wide, car-free streets and pavements full of life.

In his spare time, Michael spends time with his wife and two children exploring little pockets of London or skiing abroad. He’s a big fan of Doctor Who, and has the show’s theme tune on his phone as a ringtone.