Philippa works alongside Dominic in the Tipi marketing team and has worked at Wembley Park since 2013. One of her favourite things about being at Tipi is seeing how the place has grown and how all the Tipi residents are getting to experience the exciting changes in the area.

Her job is really varied, and includes looking after Tipi’s social media and organising resident socials. In fact, Philippa hosted the last social in June, with Greek Street food experts Kalimera, having been inspired by her trips to Greece and memories of souvlaki!

I love food, too much probably, and I love exploring all the different restaurants around London. Patty and Bun near Bond Street, is only 18 minutes from Wembley Park, and does the best burgers in town. Otherwise curry is my absolute favourite, and Tayyabs near Whitechapel is amazing.

Philippa loves reading, with her favourite books including anything by Terry Pratchett or Margaret Atwood, and she’s lost count of the number of times she’s read Pride and Prejudice. She also loves going to gigs in London town and she’s (attempting) to learn guitar. Philippa can normally be found in Soho, her favourite part of London, sipping on cocktails somewhere.